People We Serve

We serve a wide variety of clients at New Pathways Behavioral Health. All walks of life. All ages. All are offered help, hope, and healing. In addition to individual therapy, we believe in working with the family as a whole when necessary and desired.


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When stress or problems occur, the entire family suffers, not just a single person.  That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to family therapy that focuses on improvements in specific areas for each person, as well as communication that enhances healing skills for the whole family.


Children and Adolescents

(Ages 3 – 19) In most cases, parents or guardians are the ones seeking help.  They may have received a complaint from the school about their child’s behavioral issues. They may be frustrated with their child’s aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, anger, isolation, or any number of problems.  Or perhaps their child has been bullied or abused outside of the home. Whatever the reason, we understand the difficulties and provide clinical expertise to assist parents/guardians and their children toward hope, progress, and recovery.


Marital & Couples

Photo_3There are any number of issues that drive couples to seek help. Job loss, financial strain, illness – all put a strain on the relationship which in turn feeds conflicts, fights, lack of intimacy, and divorce.  We provide objective expertise to help couples clear away the wreckage while working toward restored hope and renewal.



In addition, we also offer:

Christian Counseling

In today’s time, many Christians experience distress. This can hinder spiritual growth and fulfillment in relationships. With our help, we assist you in building more positive experiences in life, while enhancing your spiritual growth


Art Therapy

littl-girl-croppedWorking with a licensed Art Therapist, children and adolescents are able to reconcile emotional conflicts while fostering self-awareness and personal growth through the creative process. The process of art therapy is not only used as a treatment, but also as a means of assessment to help the family understand and resolve difficulties. When conducted by a licensed art therapy professional, this type of treatment is a powerful tool to help people improve and enhance their well-being.



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