We are Excited to be providing Quality Telehealth Services in addition to our In-person Services. Please inquire about the details when you call. We look forward to helping you with all of your Behavioral Health Needs.


  • “Thank you so much Mary and the staff for welcoming my wife and I with open hearts. We have seen other counselors over the yeas and no one comes even close to having the extensive experience that Mary does. I can honestly say unequivocally that Mary helped save my marriage. I cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!!” -PM-
  • “I have been to top-notch professionals with little results. This work is the BEST!” -JH-
  • “New Pathways is a very reputable facility. The entire staff work diligently to make you feel comfortable and at ease. From the front office staff to the therapists, the entire atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. They are all trustworthy and caring, making you feel at peace from the time you walk through the door. I would highly recommend this group for anyone who is facing struggles.” -AR-
  • “The place is beautiful and the therapy exceptional.” -JK-
  • “I always leave feeling better and changes happen with litlle or no effort on my part. I find that strange, but true!” -EW-
  • “I can’t thank New Pathways enough! My Therapist Mary Ward has helped me with sever PTSD that I have suffered with for years due to my time in combat. I had started to believe that I would never heal form the trauma I had suffered until I found New Pathways. In addition to the to the life changing therapy I received, the staff was incredibly kind and attentive. You can tell that they truly care.” -BW-
  • “I am referring this place to people in L.A. The therapy is that good. It has changed my life.” -MJ-
  • “This therapy I have experienced has changed my life for the better. Now I am happily referring friends and co-workers.” -TG-
  • “I have been to other therapist over the years and I can say without a doubt that Mary Ward is the best! I suffer from childhood trauma and PTSD which Mary has helped me to overcome. In the past therapist have done a lot of talk therapy with me which was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until I found Mary that my life truly began to transform. She helped me reprogram my thinking and taught me self-regulation techniques that have been extremely helpful in my recovery. I highly recommend New Pathways Behavioral Health!!!!” -ML-


Please take a tour of our office:




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We provide “The Missing Link” to people who are searching for a calm and safe place while dealing with difficulties in life. Even those suffering from severe PTSD.

We value and recognize that everyone including families have their own unique personalities, perceptions, sets of values and histories. So we take an individual approach for all persons we see.

At our place, your voices and concerns are heard.

From the minute people come in, they share experiencing a calm atmosphere that helps them to open up and relax. With subtle music, fountains, relaxed lighting and offices like living rooms, the atmosphere is designed for that purpose. When they share their appreciation, it makes me smile and realize that all of the hard work to create this atmosphere was worth it.

Even therapists that work here agree.

If you have not already taken the tour, please do so. This small film provides the essence of what we try to express.  NewPathwaysBehavioralHealth.com

Take Care,

Mary Ward, Owner


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